Camera 6

A terrifying new horror which will thrill and challenge audiences across the world.

Over 48 hours on a busy, all-inclusive holiday resort a series of brutal murders are committed. With no CCTV available, police seize all available recording devices from hotel residents. Six of the cameras contain important evidence.

One of the cameras – Camera 6 – is the killer’s camera.

CAMERA 6 is a terrifying horror thriller with a difference – six pieces of footage filmed by six different characters, using split-screen and multiple angles, intertwining and connecting to form a nerve-shredding, ingenious web of suspense, leading to the one question everyone will be asking:


Genre: Horror

In development, all rights available.  (C)2014 Plendy Entertainment

Writer: Allan Plenderleith

Director: Allan Plenderleith

Camera 6 POSTER 3