The Bunker

Live-action interactive movie, set in a real-life nuclear bunker.  You are the last remaining survivor of a nuclear holocaust, but after an oxygen failure you have only 30 minutes to escape.  However, you soon discover you are not alone…

Coming soon.

Who are we?

Plendy Entertainment is an exciting new company producing cutting edge, high concept ideas for a new generation of film lovers.

Set up by Allan Plenderleith, an award-winning director and scriptwriter with over 20 years experience writing for Channel 4, MTV and the BBC, Plendy Entertainment is all about taking an amazing idea and delivering it in a completely different way, incorporating new technology and pushing the movie business forward in an innovative and commercially viable direction.

We have a number of exciting projects in development – for more details please get in touch.


Allan Plenderleith is a children’s screenwriter and author with over 20 years experience in the industry, working for the BBC, Channel4, MTV and many more international production companies.  He was the creator and writer of Gordon the Garden Gnome, a 52 episode series commissioned by CBeebies, produced by Collingwood O’Hare, distributed by Southern Star and Paramount.  As a writer/director he won the BAF Audience Award for Best Web Animation for his short SPIF – A Stupid Public Information Film and his short film The Greyhound toured the film festivals across the world.

His most recent project released in November 2013 is the ground-breaking interactive feature-length movie THE HUNTING, written and directed by Allan, it is the world’s first fully interactive live-action film, receiving critical acclaim and over one MILLION downloads in it’s first month reaching the no.1 in the iTunes Entertainment category.

He other apps have achieved over 7 million downloads worldwide, based on his best-selling series of books which have sold over 1 million copies in print form including The Smelly Sprout, Princess Chocolate, The Boy Giant, The Silly Satsuma and The Christmas Carrot.  His books The Boy Giant and Princess Chocolate were both nominated for the People’s Book Prize.




Camera 6 – horror gets real


A serial killer in a holiday resort is working in the shadows, picking off anyone who captures his image on film.


4th July 2014.

Over 24 hours on a busy, all-inclusive holiday resort a series of brutal murders are committed.

With no CCTV available, police seize all available recording devices from hotel residents.

Six of the cameras contain important evidence.

One of the cameras – Camera 6 – is the killer’s camera.

CAMERA 6 is a terrifying horror thriller with a difference – six pieces of footage filmed by six different people, using split-screen and multiple angles, intertwining and connecting to form an ingenious, electrifying web of suspense, leading to the one question everyone will be asking:

  WHO.   IS.   CAMERA 6?









Logline: A drug addicted young woman inherits a mansion house from her estranged grandmother, and discovers a collection of strange antique dolls which gradually take over her mind and her life.

Genre: Horror

In development, all rights available.  (C)2014 Plendy Entertainment

Writer: Allan Plenderleith

Director: Allan Plenderleith

The Hunting – part 1

The critically acclaimed full-length horror, completely interactive, a first in movie history.  Download part 1 now for free.


The world’s first interactive zombie movie app!
Shot entirely on the iPhone and nearly 2 years in the making. There has never been anything like this before. A terrifying first-person movie where YOU are the main character, YOU make the decisions, and YOU live or die based on your actions. 

“It’s a first person spookfest.” The Guardian (UK)

“It’s clever, immersive, brutal, scary and fun. 5 stars!!!” Cult of Mac

“A heart-pounding fright fest… Get ready to SCREAM!!!” The Daily Star (UK)

“A terrifying yet entertaining app that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” The Daily App Show

“If you’re a fan of horror movies, The Hunting presents a unique, app-specific take on the medium.” Appolicious


You awaken one morning in a quiet English town, to a disturbing sound downstairs. Something is on your house. What do you do? Your mobile phone is ringing in the kitchen. You investigate. A figure stands in the kitchen. Suddenly it lunges, attacking, biting, fighting. You fight it off, grab your phone and try to escape. But every decision is crucial, and you can’t think straight with the sound of your own heartbeat pounding in your skull. Your girlfriend has left a message. She’s near the farmhouse. You have to find her. NOW!

Part1 is free to download with parts 2 and 3 out now.

The zombie movie has evolved.

directed by Allan Plenderleith and developed by Jason Stewart.